Starlino Maraschino Cherry and Almond Marzipan Filled Chocolate
Starlino Maraschino Cherry and Almond Marzipan Filled Chocolate
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Starlino Maraschino Cherry and Almond Marzipan Filled Chocolate

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The most luxurious and large chocolate with a Starlino maraschino cherry in the centre filled with cherry ganache, a thick layer of real almond marzipan blanketing the cherry, then hand rolled in toasted almond pieces and two thick layers of Valrhona 64% Madagascar Single Origin Dark chocolate. Gold decoration is applied for some festive sparkle.

Limited Edition of 150 chocolates

Sold individually in biodegradable cellophane bag.

This is a generously large two bite chocolate.

We hand make at every stage so there may be some size and decoration difference between each chocolate.

If you see some natural almond oil on the chocolate this will not detract form the quality or enjoyment of the finished chocolate.

Allergens - Soya, Nuts.

Storage - Store in cool, dry place away from strong odours.

Shelf life - Three weeks from purchase.

Ingredients -
Starlino cherries - cherries, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, marasca juice, fruit and vegetable concentrate, Citric acid, natural flavouring). Marzipan - almonds (nuts) 50%, sugar, water, invert sugar, pistachio paste (pistachios)(nuts), preservative: potassium sorbate, soya lecithin, salt), sorbitol, natural vanilla flavouring, salt), Cherry ganache (Starlino cherry syrup, golden syrup, 64% Madagascan dark chocolate, Vitamin C), Valrhona 64% Madagascan dark chocolate ( min cocoa solids 64%) cocoa beans, cocoa butter, sugar, natural vanilla extract, soya lecithin. Toasted almonds (nuts) Edible gold pigment, Vodka.